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Cluster Flies
Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies

If you have these big flies buzzing around your house in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia or Maryland—mainly around your windows and lights, you probably have Cluster Flies.  They move in during the fall of the year, stay in the house until spring when they go outside and start laying their eggs again.  The great news about cluster flies is that they don’t breed in the house but they’re just looking for a place to overwinter. So, they find gaps in and around the house—mainly on the south or west side and enter the house and then on a nice warm day they get a little confused sometimes.  Some will go in, and some will go out.  If it freezes the next day, those that go out are dead, and the ones that get inside your living space will aggravate you! 

The best pest control or thing to do if they get inside is to use a vacuum cleaner or fly swatter to reduce their numbers, or you can purchase and install fly-light traps which are very effective if you are seeing larger numbers of cluster flies.  The flies are highly attracted to the special bulbs within the traps.  Keep in mind that cluster flies in the DC metropolitan area breed in earth worms outside all summer long and there’s nothing we can do to prevent them from developing outside because we’re not going to kill off earthworms.  When they pupate in late September, that’s when they tend to migrate into your house.  If all else fails, call Innovative Pest Management so one of our certified pest control technicians can visit your home, perform vacuuming, evaluate the need to use an adulticide to quickly knock-down large pockets of cluster flies and to discuss the purchase and installation of an insect fly light for your attic, garage or any other area of your home where cluster flies are problematic.     

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