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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bugs Are Increasingly Becoming Resistant To Chemical Treatment… Now You Have Options!

Bed bug Adult-2Bed Bugs are one of the most challenging pests to eliminate because of their unique ability to hide within cracks and crevices. Further, bedbugs are increasingly resistant to available insecticides compounding the challenges of eradication. Because bedbugs are difficult to access and because insecticides have limitations, pest management professionals have been searching for more effective means of eliminating the problem. The bed bug treatment solution is Innovative Pest Management, Inc.‘s Pest Pro Thermal Heat System!

Watch the Below Video To Learn More About Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

We produced an extensive and informative 8 minute video that is designed to educate you on everything you need to know about the thermal remediation process.  We will take you on a journey into an actual heat treatment so you will be able to make an informed and confident decision.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is The Best Weapon For Bed Bug Treatment!

Our Bed Bug Treatment system is a stand-alone system designed for heating individual units and homes to temperatures of 135ºF—beyond the thermal death point for all life-stages of bedbugs; but not hot enough to damage personal items such as electronic devices. There are significant advantages of Bed Bug Heat Treatments:

  • non-toxic
  • capable of killing all bed bug life stages including eggs
  • capable of eliminating infestations in a single day v. several weeks for conventional insecticide treatments
  • minimal preparation or lead time is required eliminating hours of preparation work
  • heat penetrates to the core of materials where insecticides cannot be applied

How Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works:

pestpro-bed-bug-heater photo for bed bug heat treatment section

First, you must understand a principle concept: THERMAL DEATH POINT—the temperature at which a bed bug dies. This is determined by two things—temperature and exposure time. Bed bugs will die within 20 minutes if exposed to 118ºF. Bed bug eggs however, must be exposed to 118ºF for 90 minutes to achieve 100% mortality. Our Pest Pro Thermal Heat System achieves temperatures of 135 and are sustained for 2-3 hours to ensure heat penetration into hard-to-reach areas such as behind outlets, inner core of mattresses, cracks around door moldings, electronic devices, clothes and toys.

The equipment includes 20KW 240V generators to provide current to powerful fans and large electric thermostatically controlled heaters which are placed throughout the infested rooms. Remote temperature sensors are then strategically placed throughout the rooms near windows, around vents and other areas where heat sinks may exist. The fans are fired up creating a convection-oven style current within the rooms. Continuous monitoring occurs from the outside of the home where time and temperature readings are captured and recorded to a lap top computer file. The process is lengthy, labor intensive and super-hot—but within 6-10 hours from set-up to tear-down, you will be able to sleep tight without the worries of bed bug bites!

While whole-home thermal treatments are the most effective bedbug killing machines for Bed Bug Treatment, you should also understand that heat treatments do not protect against re-infestation. Since it is often difficult to determine the origin of most bedbug infestations, additional controls can be considered for longer term residual control. For instance, a wall-void application of diatomaceous earth dust or a liquid insecticide application around baseboards may be considered in combination to minimize the risk of re-infestation. Of course, combination treatment is optional but can provide you with added protection.

To learn more about your options for Bed Bug Treatment contact us today. We will show you the latest in Bed Bug Heat Treatment and other options. You can contact us online to schedule an appointment by clicking here or call us at (240) 755-0077.