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Exclusion Services

Exclusion involves the sealing of entry points around a home or structure. This is of particular importance as part of an overall corrective strategy, but also to prevent the reintroduction of nuisance wildlife, mice or rats. Rodents and wildlife can be significantly reduced or eliminated from a structure initially, but if conducive openings around structures continue to exist, it will simply be a matter of time before a new infestation occurs. Openings conducive to pest entry include: soffit or fascia board gaps, openings within foundation walls and gaps greater than 1/4” underneath entry doors to name a few.

Our philosophy is customer based and we believe in solving your pest problems; not just maintaining them. Therefore, in addition to ridding your home or structure of unwanted rodents or wildlife, we will provide necessary exclusionary measures to ensure your problems remain resolved! If a raccoon tore an opening through your Hardie-board soffit, we will replace it. If your carpenter left openings where your deck supports tie into your brick foundation, we will mortar it. If interior exclusion is necessary to control the movement of mice, we will seal up pipe and electrical penetrations under your kitchen and bathroom base cabinets. If your property has mechanical room doors that have 3/4” gaps, we will inventory, measure and install cut-to-fit nylon bristle door sweeps.

We also provide a full range of maintenance services related to pest control and in addition to exclusion such as drain cleaning (we don’t just pour bleach, cleaners and hot water down effected drains, we physically remove the covers and scrape away the decomposing organic matter that is conducive to filth fly breeding and other pest activity). If your home or structure was shared by a nuisance animal, nesting material, soiled insulation, animal waste and other unsanitary elements can be effectively removed by our team of wildlife specialists and environmental enzymatic remediation measures can be employed to remove potential health hazards.