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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Our chemical treatment of bed bugs uses a combination of products that are registered by the EPA and approved for the treatment of bed bugs inside buildings. A chemical treatment targets bed bugs where they hide and where they search for hosts. Bed bugs can infest anywhere people reside; including homes, offices, or even vehicles.

In living spaces, we apply residual insecticide to all relevant cracks and crevices in the bedroom(s), hallway, living room, bed frames, and the underside of couches, chairs and furniture. We also use a long-lasting insect growth regulator same manner during the initial treatment to disrupt the bed bug life cycle. Outlets and other crevices can be dusted with a silica-based dust which attacks the cuticle of bed bugs and provides long-term residual control in these hidden areas. If your technician determines it necessary, we may also treat some wall voids. We have experience treating less common infestations, including those in offices and large vehicles.

In our experience, these products have proven to be the most effective for controlling bedbugs, typically requiring 2-3 treatments to achieve acceptable levels pending excellent preparation. Before we treat, will will provide step-by-step preparation instructions, which are available in both English and Spanish. A successful treatment is a joint effort between us and the client, and hinges on proper preparation, laundering of bed linens concurrent with treatment, thorough vacuuming, detailed pesticide application, and follow-up inspection and/or treatment. To minimize locations where bed bugs can hide, we recommend all mattresses and box springs be encased with Protect-a-bed mattress covers.