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Designing and implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for LEED buildings is one of our specialties! Buildings that seek to gain or maintain a LEED certification can earn two credits through an IPM program. These credits encourage the management of pests in an environmentally friendly manner, which emphasize monitoring, prevention, least-toxic methods, and coordination with the building occupants. We can help you satisfy the requirements for both EBOM SSc3 (outdoor IPM) and EBOM EQc3.6 (indoor IPM).

Innovative Pest Management currently services a number of LEED buildings, in both the commercial and government sectors. We understand the importance in helping properties maintain their LEED certification, and form a partnership with our clients to keep them informed and involved during the planning and implementation of their integrated pest management program. As a company, we are committed to having the lowest possible environmental impact, which benefits indoor air quality, the local ecosystem, and those in the surrounding community.

Innovative’s approach to LEED Integrated Pest Management

  • On-site record keeping and coordination with property management
  • Intensive monitoring for early signs of a pest problem for both rodents and insects
  • Maintaining exterior envelope to deter pests around perimeter of building
  • Sealing of exterior cracks and crevices in building exterior
  • Managing pest attractants and conducive conditions (e.g., trash receptacles)
  • Training personnel and building occupants
  • Preferred use of non-chemical methods
  • Use of least-toxic chemical pesticides when required
  • Use only in targeted locations (vs. broad applications)
  • Use only for targeted species (vs. general applications)
  • A universal communication strategy directed to building occupants and staff that addresses application of a pesticide (other than a least-toxic pesticide or self-contained non-rodent bait) in a building or on surrounding grounds.