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On behalf of all of us here at Innovative Pest Management, welcome! This Kids Korner is a place designed just for kids to explore and discover that bugs are fun! We appreciate your visit and are pleased to have this site as a place for kids to come explore and discover and learn about bugs. You can print out coloring pages, play games, and try some of the bug inspired arts and crafts projects. We welcome your feedback, and comments and would love to have you and your children submit their own pictures, questions, or completed arts and craft projects.

Download the Caterpillar Coloring Page!


See the videos of Ashton meeting some of our office pets, the Madagascar hissing cockroaches!

Watch the below video and see how bees help make strawberries.  From Butler’s Orchard in Germantown.

Kids will see lots of strange and amazing insects in this slide show! The video covers a wide assortment of specimens, and all images are annotated with the name of the arthropod. Grades K-12.

Watch more bug videos!