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Josh Kramer

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Joshua Kramer is the son of Dr. Kramer. Joshua’s early years were often spent with his father, learning the differences between wasps and bees, examining the structure and classification of insects, and counting German cockroaches. Joshua attended the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park, and upon graduation, joined his father at a large pest management firm in the D.C. area. While his first exposure to developing residential and marketing initiatives for a largely commercial firm was a positive and rewarding experience, his journey took a turn when his wife-to-be, Julia, received a scholarship to law school in Chicago. Upon settling in Chicago, Joshua embarked on a seven-year journey in medical sales at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. After obtaining considerable sales training and experiencing early success in cardiovascular/metabolic sales, he left for a smaller firm, KOS Pharmaceuticals, for a position with more responsibility and greater potential for financial reward. After three years of top 10% sales growth, Joshua received a seemingly routine call from his father. But in this conversation, as they revisited their on-and-off-again discussions on starting a pest management company of their own, Joshua realized that the opportunity to capitalize on his father’s strengths of leadership, honor, expertise, and industry respect would not last forever. So in the fall of 2004, Joshua teamed up with partners Luke Krikstan, Shari Silverman, and his father to launch Innovative Pest Management. Within seven years, the company’s revenue was to place it in the top 200 pest management companies in the country. Joshua, Julia, and their two children live in D.C.‘s Capitol Hill