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Luke Krikstan

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Co-founder, Territory Manager

Luke Krikstan’s interest in pest management began at a young age. As a Southern Maryland native, when Luke began his junior year of high school, he entered the Charles County Vocational Horticulture Program. Luke’s enjoyment of the outdoors and gardening coupled with his training in this well respected program set the stage for his professional pest management career.

Luke obtained certifications in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. His certification categories include: Ornamental, Turf, Wood Destroying Insects, Rodent and Vertebrate. He provided in-house pest management services for St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for almost 20 years-rising to the supervisory position which oversaw all pest management operations. He then shifted gears to a well-respected pest management firm to take on the role of Senior Service Technician at the National Institutes of Health-Animal Care Facilities. Luke enjoyed the challenge of developing and implementing true-Integrated Pest Management practices in a challenging laboratory environment. After 7 years, he transitioned to the University of Maryland Animal Care Facilities.

Luke is skilled in how to protect humans and animals from pests and disease jeopardizing their health and their environment, how to choose all types of pesticides, detecting specific characteristics of various pests and knowledgeable about pesticide toxicity, medical treatment and antidotes in emergency situations. Further, he demonstrates exemplary character, his customers love him and he is a true leader in our field. It is for these reasons that Dr. Richard Kramer asked Luke to join him in launching Innovative Pest Management. Luke’s role has evolved once again and his day to day responsibilities include: overseeing all equipment, in-field training and education with all service personnel and key-decision making at all aspects of business.