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Mosquitoes and Your Home
Mosquitoes and Your Home

Mosquitoes and Your Home


Mosquito control is more than a monthly or bi-weekly application. The products and application are designed to repel mosquitoes to the maximum extent possible and allow you to enjoy your outdoor environment.  Three key elements to a successful mosquito management program are to eliminate breeding sites, i.e. standing bodies of water, use lighting that is less attractive to mosquitoes, and reduce shaded areas as much as practical. These elements are important and essential for an effective treatment to deliver the knock out punch!

Breeding sites:

  • Toys
  • Tire swings
  • Bird baths
  • Potted plant saucers
  • Gutters
  • Exterior stairwell drains
  • Fish ponds
  • Storm drains
  • Ruts in yard or along roadway


  • Use yellow bug lights
  • Sodium vapor bulbs are less attractive than mercury vapor bulbs
  • Outdoor lighting should be located away from the house and shine toward it
  • Minimize the use of indoor lighting that overlooks outdoor activity areas

Shaded areas:

  • Thin tree branches
  • Raise tree canopies off the ground
  • Avoid covering large items with plastic or tarps


Both management options include the application of a residual repellent product (organic or pyrethroid) around doorways, windows, other structural penetrations, structures in the yard (fences, posts, the underside of decks, etc.), trees and bushes. Products are not applied directly to grass and hardscapes (patios, pavers, etc.). Our team will also round up toys, cover ponds and are trained to identify food plants to ensure that non-targeted areas are protected.


Our product options are outlined below and both options will be applied using a 25psi compressor that is designed to reach target areas only.  We will not use “leaf-blower” style gas-powered machines as they are not appropriate for most “close-quarter-living” residences and drift to non-targeted areas such as windows, toys and passers-by.

Our products and equipment are selected with the safety and protection of your family in mind.

Natural-Organic Option:

Product: Eco Via EC manufactured by Envincio contains Rosemary Oil, Geraniol (derivative of thyme , rosemary and wintergreen oils).
Applied twice per month.

Pyrethroid (non-organic) Option:

Product: Demand CS (lambda-cyhalothrin) or Suspend Polyzone (deltamethrin).
Applied once per month.

Breeding Site Product:  Mosquito-Bits

Thank you for helping us minimize mosquito problems in your backyard.  Encourage your neighbors to eliminate conditions conducive to mosquitoes and consider treatment.


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