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Customer or not, Dr. Kramer will be happy to answer your pest-related questions FREE of charge. Questions regarding pest control, pest prevention, pest identification or wildlife management are all welcome. To submit your own question click here.

A titan beetle in North America?

Question: Has a Titan Beetle ever been discovered in North America? I believe I may have identified a undersized Titan Beetle. Answer: The titan...

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Colorful, but invasive: the Bagrada bug.

Question: I would like to know what this bug is please. I have spent hours researching it. Thank you! Answer: Thanks for the picture! You have...

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An incredible wasp

Question: What insect is this? I’ve never seen a bug like it. Larger than a crane fly, with a colorful exoskeleton like a wasp and 3 long...

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What is this wiggling bug?

Question: What is this? I have only found two and they were a few weeks apart in my bedroom. It is very small, black,...

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Stung by a mysterious insect!

Question: My wife went to put her hand out to rest up against a tree at a campground in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and...

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It crawls like a cockroach but no wings. Should I be worried?

Question: I found this bug in the bathroom. It crawls like a cockroach but no wings. Should I be worried?   Answer:  It is a...

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