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Ants (Odorous House Ants)
Ants (Odorous House Ants)

Ants (Odorous House Ants)


  • Size: 1/16 to 1/8 inch.
  • Color: brown to black.
  • Thorax without spiny projections.
  • One node between the thorax and abdomen, hidden by the rest of the abdomen.
  • Produce a distinctive sweet, acrid smell when crushed.
  • Workers run around with abdomens sticking up in the air when disturbed.

Habits of Odorous House Ants:

  • Form colonies by swarming (May – mid-July) and budding.
  • Single or multiple-queen colonies; 10,000+ workers.
  • Life span of workers and queens: several years.
  • Prefer sweets.
  • Enter structures after rain washes off plant honeydew.

Damage From Odorous Ants:

  • Possible contamination of food and food preparation surfaces.
  • Nuisance.

Look for:

  • Nests outdoors under stones, logs, and in the nests of larger ants.
  • Nests indoors within wall or floor voids, around heat sources, (e.g., hot water pipes and heaters, crevices around sinks and cabinets, etc).

How to Control and Kill Odorous Ants:

  • Cracks and gaps in exterior walls which provide access to voids or interior areas should be sealed.
  • Debris around the exterior of the structure and other items on the ground where ants nest should be removed.
  • Baits should be placed where ant trails have been established and in locations where the ants have been sighted.
  • Unless using containerized baits indoors, baits should be placed so they are inaccessible to children and pets.
  • Sweet baits are the most effective, but if acceptance is low, use of a protein bait should be considered.
  • Exterior nests should be drenched with a liquid formulation.
  • Nests within wall voids are more easily treated by aerosol injection or application of a dust formulation.
  • When the nests can not be located, a barrier spray should be applied to foundations and the soil immediately adjacent to the building.
  • Controlling aphids on ornamental plants and trees around structures removes one of the ant’s primary food sources.

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