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Flies (Flesh flies)
Flies (Flesh flies)

Flies (Flesh flies)

Flies - Flesh Flies


  • Size: variable, but some adults over 1/2 inch.
  • Color: gray and black with three dark stripes along the top of the thorax (mid-section).
  • Larvae are light colored, legless maggots.

Habits of Flesh Flies:

  • Adults lay live maggots directly onto breeding material such as carrion, meat, compost, manure, and residue on dumpsters.
  • Adults feed on sweet materials such as nectar and fruit juices.

Damage From Flesh Flies:

  • Possible contamination of food and food preparation surfaces.
  • Nuisance as they land on or hover near people. These flies do not bite humans.

Look for:

  • Large numbers of adults indoors, possibly near garbage or compost bins.
  • Exposed or built-up breeding materials that are attractive to flies.
  • Outdoor sources of fly breeding material such as animal waste, compost, or carrion.

How to Control and Kill Flesh Flies:

  • Reduce the presence of breeding materials by frequently removing garbage and compost.
  • Keep trash bins and dumpsters free of built-up residue and standing water.
  • Remove animal waste from building exteriors and dispose of in insect-proof containers.
  • Prevent flies from accessing breeding sites with self-closing doors, secure window screening, and tight-fitting lids on garbage bins.
  • Adults can be removed with a vacuum, sticky traps, or electric light traps.

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