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Flies (Fruit Flies)
Flies (Fruit Flies)

Flies (Fruit Flies)


  • Color: dull yellow-brown to dark brown; some species have distinctive red eyes.
  • Size: adults – 1/8 inch long; larvae (maggots) – 1/10 to 1/5 inch long.

Habits of Fruit Flies:

  • Eggs are laid onto the surface of fermenting fruit or vegetables or on areas on which moisture and yeast are abundant.
  • Females produce up to 500 eggs.
  • Larvae complete development within five to six days and crawl to drier areas of the food or elsewhere to pupate.
  • Developmental time (adult to adult): eight to ten days.
  • Recently emerged adults are attracted to light.

Damage Caused by Fruit Flies:

  • Can contaminate food with microorganisms.

Look for:

  • Over-ripe fruits or other foods, fermenting liquid in the bottom of garbage cans, dirty recycling materials, clogged garbage disposal, dirty mop, etc.
  • Increased problems with this pest fly in recycling bins and their contents.

How to Control and Kill Fruit Flies:

  • Locate and eliminate the breeding material. Complete and thorough sanitation is necessary to eliminate the source of the infestation.
  • Insect light traps and baited jar traps fitted with tops which permit fly entry and prevent escape are effective in reducing the population but are no substitute for sanitation.
  • To eliminate small numbers of adult flies, a vacuum cleaner or an aerosol insecticide should be used.

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