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Flies (Fungus Gnats)
Flies (Fungus Gnats)

Flies (Fungus Gnats)


  • Size: small flies, 1/32 to 7/16 inches long. Generally mosquito-like in appearance.
  • Color: typically black, brown, or yellowish. Some species have dark colored wings, while others have spotted wings.

Habits of Fungus Gnats, AKA Fungus Flies:

  • Larvae develop in a number of habitats, primarily in moist organic matter.
  • Breeding sites include rotting wood, animal waste, old mulch, and over-watered plants.

Damage From Fungus Gnats:

  • Although they pose no threat to humans, adults can easily become a nuisance indoors.
  • Larvae can damage plant roots, resulting in stunted plant growth.

Look for:

  • Resting adults, which may be near breeding sites.
  • Moist organic matter, especially over-watered potted plants, which can easily breed large numbers of fungus gnats.

How to Control and Kill Fungus Gnats:

  • Allow soil to dry between watering of potted plants to control larvae. Take care not to over-water plants.
  • Use clean, pasteurized soil to pot plants and do not bring infested soil indoors.
  • Adults can be removed with vacuums, sticky traps, and light traps.

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