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Rat Control Problems
Rat Control Problems

Rat Control Problems

If you are having a long-standing rat control problem inside your downtown District of Columbia home, there’s a good chance that you either have openings of 1” or more on the exterior of your home, have a an old abandoned waste-line within your home, have a broken waste-line, or have an open drain or vent pipe that may have been left or enclosed behind a wall.  Even if your home was recently renovated, these conditions might still be present as a function of sloppy plumbing or contracting work. 

Nonetheless, when rats start looking for a place to reside, they head toward your house. Keep in mind that rats will enter your house because it’s a nice warm place for them to be—particularly during the fall or winter when heat is oozing out of the walls of your home.  Norway rats (most common species in the DC metropolitan area) often enter from exterior openings the size of a quarter or larger.  In certain cases however, they can also enter particularly in homes that are older in DC some going back 100 years or more through the old sewer system. Keep in mind that if you think you see a ton of rats running around DC at night, you ought to see what goes on in the sewers!  The sewers are filled with rats!  Sewers offer rats a never-ending buffet of food coupled with an endless tap of free-flowing beverages.  We know—we’ve actually been down there to see them in action! 

Old pipes that run out in the yard that were constructed of terra cotta or cast iron may have been abandoned in place or left underground even though they are no longer in use but remain connected to your house. 

All of these pipes—abandoned or not—are still likely tied into the sewer system.  So, during intermittent periods of rain and changes in sewage levels, rats charge looking for higher ground.  If rats find higher-ground in an abandoned pipe leading into your home, then voila—a chronic rodent infestation is born!  Quite often, these rat infestations go undetected for some time as open pipes are often concealed behind walls, within floor voids, take up residences in your crawl space, or basement area and its not easy to detect where these openings or compromised pipes are. 

These types of rat infestations are generally chronic in nature, and traditional pest control techniques will not resolve these long-standing rat problems.  Innovative Pest Management, Inc. has a specialized technique of infusing smoke through your sewer system to detect where open pipes, broken pipes or sub-soil pipes are found.  These smoke tests are part of an innovative rat control approach to solving chronic rat infestation problems, and in many cases once the open or compromised sewer pipes are found, we can correct the problems on site.  Certain situations however, require a licensed plumber. 

Contact us today if you have questions about this or any other pest control problem.  You can also visit our pest library to learn more.

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