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Our Approach to Pest Management

Solving tough pest problems for our residential pest control customers is our goal! Our team of expert-trained pest control staff provides you with the comfort and confidence you desire, to ensure the job is done right—the first time. As a full-service company, we are able to respond to a wide variety of pest concerns faced by residential customers. We operate in Maryland, Washington DC, and northern Virginia.

We will work with you to treat pests including termites, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, or wildlife such as squirrels or birds. To protect your home from future issues we also offer exclusion services to seal your home from invading pests. For homeowners who prefer our comprehensive services in an affordable, year-round package, we proudly offer our Perimeter Defense Plus management program. Our strategies are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, and we strive to solve your pest problems with the best, targeted methods available. If pesticides are necessary, we will explain product options and methods of application for natural/organic and synthetic treatment options.

To provide the best service we approach each residential pest control problem, whether large or small, with these central tasks:

  • Understanding and educating the client.
  • Analyzing the pest problem.
  • Taking short-term, corrective action.
  • Implementing long-term, preventive action.
  • Inspecting, documenting, and evaluating results.
  • Following up with the homeowner.

Learn more about our residential services:

Perimeter Defense Plus

Comprehensive and affordable year round protection.

Bed Bug Treatment

Take the fight to the bed bugs in the way that works best for you.

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Eliminate bed bugs with EPA-registered products designed for immediate and long-term control.

Mosquito Control

Get relief from mosquitoes that threaten your health and your peace.

Termite Services

Inspect your home and protect you from costly damage.

Wildlife Management Services

Remove and exclude nuisance animals from your home.

Exclusion Services

Seal your home and prevent uninvited guests.