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Mosquito Control

Fight the Bite!

One of the greatest concerns people have regarding mosquitoes is disease transmission. Mosquitoes transmit a number of diseases, such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and various encephalitic diseases most notably West Nile Virus. The most important reason to use mosquito management services is to comfortably use your backyard without being attacked by these blood thirsty insects.

Innovative Pest Management offers two types of seasonal mosquito control: Natural/organic option or synthetic pyrethroid
options. Both mosquito management services involve a property-wide inspection for mosquito breeding sites and conditions, such
as exterior lighting on the home, other lighting, breeding sites, etc. that attract mosquitoes to the area.

Both management options include the application of a residual repellent product (organic or pyrethroid) around doorways,
windows, other structural penetrations, structures in the yard (fences, posts, underside of decks, etc.), trees and bushes. Products
are not applied directly to grass and hardscapes (patios, pavers, etc.).

Natural Organic Option

  • Product: Essentria IC3 manufactured by Envincio contains Rosemary Oil, Geraniol (derivative of rose, palmarosa, and citronella oils), and Peppermint Oil).
  • To be effective the organics must be applied as frequently as twice per month.

Seasonal Cost (May – September)

  • Row Home: $110/month
  • Detached Home: $160/month

Pyrethroid Option

  • Product: Demand CS (lambda cyhalothrin) or Suspend Polyzone (deltamethrin).
  • To be effective the pyrethroids must be applied every month.

Seasonal Cost (May – September)

  • Row Home: $75+/month
  • Detached Home: $100+/month