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Perimeter Defense Plus

Some homes are rarely invaded by nuisance pests. However, many homes in the DC metropolitan area are older and subsequently often have conditions conducive to pest activity such as: moisture conditions, dense vegetation around your home’s perimeter, crawl spaces containing debris, openings around foundation walls, etc… Fortunately, our comprehensive Perimeter Defense Plus pest management program delivers the knock-out punch!

Perimeter Defense Plus was developed by our president, Dr. Richard Kramer, Board Certified Entomologist and Former Director of the National Pest Management Association. Dr. Kramer’s vision was to create a comprehensive preventive pest control program that would protect your greatest tangible investment while also protecting the health of your family.

Perimeter Defense Plus – Preventive Pest Control Service

So how does it work? We provide five scheduled service visits to your home when pests are most active. For most homes, this means spring, summer and fall. A typical schedule is March, May, July, September and November. We inspect your home for termites in the spring when termites are most likely to swarm. We provide barrier treatments to suppress ants, crickets and many other pesky critters. We treat your low-lying shrubs, fence-lines and the undersides of your deck throughout the humid summer months where mosquitoes breed and lurk timelessly. We remove spider webbing from the lower windows and doors during each visit to preserve the aesthetic. We will also provide exclusion—sealing up of entry points that may be conducive to rats, mice and many other pests. Our focus is the outside of your home—because this is where most pest activity originates. If interior or “in-between” additional service visits are required, they can be scheduled when it’s convenient for you—at no additional charge.

Call the experts at Innovative Pest Management, Inc. and ask how to enroll in the Perimeter Defense Plus program. We’ll deliver the knock-out punch!
Pest Problems Covered:

Termites, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees, silverfish, crickets, earwigs, sowbugs, spiders, mice, rats, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks & many more!

Price range for Perimeter Defense Plus service:

  • Initial service charge: $225-$350
  • Regular service prices after initial $105-$150 per service (4 charges the 1st year, 5 charges the 2nd year).
  • Exact prices would be given at the initial service for initial and all future regular service charges.