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Termite Swarming Season - Protect Your Home
Termite Swarming Season – Protect Your Home

Termite Swarming Season – Protect Your Home


Termite season or not—it may be time to consider the fact that even the best termiticide on the market has a life span and can eventually fail to protect your home.  There are many factors that affect your home’s continued protection from termites, such as:

  • Re-infestation of the treated zone because cellulose containing materials (termite food) have been introduced, e.g., tree roots, layers of mulch, plant debris, etc.
  • Disruption of the treated zone caused by construction, excavation, erosion, or landscaping.
  • Termiticide degradation resulting from weather, sunlight, soil microbes, and/or moisture.

This treatment will extend the re-treatment warranty on your home for 5 years.

We are reaching out to you because your home may have been treated for termites in the past either when it was constructed or many years after your home was built. If it has been more than 10 years since your home was treated, you allowed your warranty to lapse or you believe any of the conditions above have occurred. We would strongly encourage you to have an inspection and re-treatment of the perimeter areas of your home with the most effective termiticide in the industry, Termidor HP-II.

Termidor HP is manufactured by BASF and is the gold standard for protecting your greatest investment. HP represents the “high pressure” injection application specifically designed for targeting termites where they live around your home. The unique features of the HP system allow for an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to termiticide delivery. The termiticide is injected around the perimeter at 4,000 psi and takes minutes compared to traditional treatments that take hours to perform. This translates to a highly efficient process, which means tremendous labor savings are passed along to you!

We are proud to have been selected by BASF as the only authorized provider of Termidor HP in the D.C., Northern VA and near-surrounding MD suburbs.

Just give us a call at 240-755-0077 to schedule your appointment. This new high precision formulation of Termidor involves a non-invasive treatment of the soil immediately adjacent to the structure and around the perimeter of slabs and porches. You don’t even need to be home for the treatment.

Service and warranty cost1:

  • Townhomes/Apartments: $160.00
  • Detached homes: $2.85/linear foot

We are extending this same offer to any home that has a termite warranty past or present with another company.

This service and warranty doesn’t include a more extensive treatment for an active termite infestation. New customers who would like to schedule an inspection for a warranty or termite treatment should call the office as new treatments would differ in price.