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  • Ward Pest Control Joins Our Team
    Ward Pest Control Joins Our Team
    We are excited to announce Innovative Pest Management's acquisition of Ward Pest Control. Together, our family-owned team looks forward to solving your toughest pest problems!
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  • Family Owned & Trusted Since 1992
    Family Owned & Trusted Since 1992
    Professional, honest, well trained, and locally family owned are just a few words our customers use to describe who we are.
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  • Indoor Ant Invasions!
    Indoor Ant Invasions!
    This is the time of year that ants make their move. Learn about the kinds of ants that enter your home or office, what they're after, and how we can work with you to send them packing.
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  • Identify & Learn About Pests
    Identify & Learn About Pests
    Watch a short video, browse our pest photos, and read fact sheets that will teach you how to identify and handle your pest problem.
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  • Government & GSA Schedule
    Government & GSA Schedule
    Trusted by some of the areas largest companies and Government entities. Unhappy with your current pest management company? Let us know.
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  • Ask Our Expert – Dr. Richard Kramer
    Ask Our Expert – Dr. Richard Kramer
    You can ask our Ph.D Entomologist Richard Kramer anything. Contact Richard with any questions you have about pests identification and management. Questions regarding pest control, pest prevention, pest identifications or wildlife management are all welcome.
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Pest Library
Pest Library

Below are pictures and links to photos, videos, and information about most common pests. Click below to identify your pest and/or browse our library.

Common Pests:


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Welcome To Innovative Pest Management

Welcome to Innovative Pest Management’s website! Here you will find forward-thinking, reliable, research-based resources for many pest related problems. Visit our interactive Pest Library to identify your pest, read about your pest problems and to view video clips featuring Dr. Richard Kramer that explain identifying characteristics, why your pest is there and what you can do to resolve your pest issues.

Please contact us any time as we are happy to answer your questions, give advice or to provide you with excellent service for all your pest control needs. If you have a pest-related question, send us a note via our “Submit Your Question” button on our Home Page. You can also “Schedule an Appointment Today” if you would like our team of entomologist-trained State Certified Technicians to assist you with your pest problems.

We love what we do and pest problems are our passion! We are a locally owned, family owned and honest team of talented professionals who will go above and beyond to solve your toughest pest problems while minimizing environmental impact and always protecting the health of families and individuals.

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